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UGA @ LSU download

3.15 GB!ShdSTJiA!WOQcZy_oZmdvTts5EDQ6zYkDRpGCdwBiEv8Lc9xqLPU

Many thanks NastiaFan101! I wanted to watch it with sound. I really appreciate the time you took to upload it again on MEGA so we can all enjoy it with sound.

P.S. I'm sure all of us will be grateful of your generosity.

Thank you thank you thank you!

thank you so so much for everything you do NastiaFan!

Thank you so much - very much appreciated over here in the UK Smile

is this a regular DL? i don't get the sound..

I don't seem to have any sound either -- should I be trying to use a particular player?

great idea! sound is ON with VLC  Very Happy

daphna wrote:
great idea! sound is ON with VLC  Very Happy

Sad VLC was the first player I tried...I think I will try re-downloading.   Glad to know it is working for you!

I'm going to try to re-do this and compress slightly differently and will send an upload link if I am successful.  But yeah, VLC and a couple of others do fine with the audio.  But wanna do my part and not make NastiaHero have the whole burden!

OK, somewhat smaller and recompressed audio:!atskhThQ!4s2mUoItG9DZIXczsMH6Udqm2tYEHwSKdW4dlriFT4w Forum Index -> NCAA Competition 2017
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