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Some video's can't be downloaded from YT?

I use Mozilla and some of it's 3rd party YT down loaders to pull stuff off YT and some video's such as the Maryland vs Michigan won't download. Any suggestions or tips?

Earlier I was reading through the forums to see what others might be using but didn't see any listing of those.

And thanks to those that upload the videos. Appreciated!

hey use your extensions on your bowsers and downloader

Thanks for the reply and info. I'll search for that.

I use youtube-dl for youtube stuff.

Program also works for alot of other sites too.  So when I'm struggling with finding the stream URL I give this a go.

First I use Jdownloader which gets 99% of everything including all resolutions available. For anything JD can't get I use either 4kvideodownloader or 5kPlayer.
I have used Internet Download Manager a few times also. I have a link to some guys website for an IDM crack/serial that I have been using for over a year now if anybody needs it. Clean, no viruses, and he even updates the crack/serial when ever there is a change.

Thanks everyone for the tips. Much appreciated! Forum Index -> NCAA Competition 2017
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