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Online Meets List / Organized Capturing

Anyone know of a single place that lists all the online meets that can be streamed for free?  If not maybe we should start doing a thread for each day here and work together to be sure that they can be saved & shared.

At a minimum have 1 person try to cap a stream but ideally 2-3 so that we have some overlap for when things go south with the capture or personal plans don't allow.

For me I'm much more interested in stuff that isn't on WatchESPN as that can be easily obtained days/weeks later but nothing else.

Here are the teams that have a streaming option for Sat & Sun.


29  vs

I've screen grabbed a UW-Whitewater meet. I hope its watchable enough, since I had to capture the video player. If anyone is interested in that meet, I'll post it in a new thread.


Also, does anyone know the easiest way to capture a live YouTube stream? I'm hoping to find a way to start recording right from the start of an event.

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