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Thor was here

Iowa State at Arizona 1-21-17

seems arizona streams 60fps...

It appears that the video somehow got blocked.

If you have a VPN service it looks to be available in Australia.
Thor was here

30 seconds of a sia song made it blocked in 200+ countries by waiting for it to be edited again...

I managed to download the blocked video via a proxy. So, I've decided to upload it. Enjoy!!g9oU1AKT!nL5Sturbj_XIq5Ocp43g40eUF7Ydv6EgWxcdvqpBQVs

First Arizona meet, yay, thank you!

Thank you!   Looking forward to seeing how Aussie Maddi Leydin goes! Smile

Oh no -- the audio has disappeared! Forum Index -> NCAA Competition 2017
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