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can any of the resident experts help with MLB?

I figured I'd give this one more shot before my MLB gets its annual preseason cancellation.

Here's the deal - I've been able to capture baseball games off the main site using RTMPExplorer, the old media player, and changing the URL by one number so it plays in a generation earlier version of the player (it becomes uncapturable, for example, at version 4.5, but if you change it to 4.4 you can still get it). But these streams are 2400k - 540p or thereabouts. There are also 3000k and 4500k videos, thus far ungettable by me. Now MLB uses some weird stuff called NexDef for their HD vids, so maybe that makes it impossible to get them, I dunno. Anyway here is what got pooped out in RTMPExplorer when I (successfully) downloaded the 2400k stream of a game.

rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -a "ondemand?" -f "WIN 24,0,0,194" -W "" -p "" -C B:0 -y "mp4:secure/mlbam/2015/08/24/14-414602-2015-08-24/web-encodes/mlbtv_clechn_home_2400k.mp4?auth=da.aecGa4a.cadYacbhancpbLced0c7aRcb-byGzlu-O-zwmoAjDsBqlDCo-j9l7kilfmclfjflbjel9j8j9l9m3j8kfj6lbkelgm5ln&aifp=v0001&slist=secure/mlbam/2015/08/24/14-414602-2015-08-24/web-encodes/mlbtv_clechn_home&ct5=20-Jan-17&ct6=" -o "2017-01-19_10-32-36_mlbtv_clechn_home_2400k.flv"

Now despite RTMPExplorer running on RTMPDump, and my apparently having RTMPDump installed, when I try to use that same command but just change 2400k in the 2 spots to 4500k, it doesn't recognize rtmpdump or any of its commands. So basically, I have youtube-dl, ffmpeg, IDM, and the command line itself. Is there any way you can get something out of all that mass of information above that would enable me to get the 4500k stream using those tools, or something like livestreamer? Thanks in advance. I don't expect anyone to be able to help on this one but some of you have shown great smarts before about these things so I figured why not ask.
Thor was here

do you have a link to the video you are trying to grab? i'll see what the program i paid money for finds... Forum Index -> NCAA Competition 2017
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