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Any Denver or PITT Meets???

Thor was here

denver is big12 and they are horrible
or their meets are behind another pay wall, i think 4 of their meets will be on their site pay to watch later this year.

yeah im from denver just asking thanks for the info

Women's Gymnastics - North Carolina vs. Pittsburgh - ESPN3.mp4!Z9x0nYAJ!zONG_bwBBklcA3DsdZWtBtMNA0dQfu8g5mPr5mWjPo4

Women's Gymnastics - Ohio State vs. Pittsburgh - ESPN3.mp4!Rtg0xZbQ!J4Ob54pUy5QZdUmiZ7qHvTWT95knz3hnMlqtumNJdh4

thanks guys Very Happy

Smile thank you Forum Index -> NCAA Competition 2017
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